Friday, January 27, 2006

Grapevine January 29 Market

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--What's coming to the Market this week?

Yet another Winter Market weekend is upon us. Most
of the regular vendors will be at the market this weekend so you can stock up on your favorite meats, soups, breads, coffee, eggs, sauces and more. There's a good election of winter vegetables this week too.

Despite the wet weather it isn't too soon to think about plants for your garden. Honeyhill Nursery joins us this week with their wide assortment of hellebores. Between Honeyhill Nursery and Farris Seaman Plants you'll find a wide selection of plants to choose from. See you on Sunday!

What's coming to the Market this week?

Think greens this week: kale, mizuna, cabbage, chards, mustard greens, collards, arugala. There should be plenty of root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, beets, turnips and parsnips available as well.

What else will you find this weekend? Hedgehog mushrooms, winter squash, dried beans and grits are among the other items you'll find this weekend. Visit the availability list for details.


Greens mean much more than lettuce. This broad category includes collards, kale, chard, mustard,turnip and beet tops and more. Greens contain a lot of vitamins and minerals (including vitamin A, beta-carotene, calcium, magnesium, iron, folic acid and chlorophyll) and are an excellent source of fiber.The highest level of nutrients are generally found in the greens with the deepest colors.

With flavors ranging from bitter to sweet, greens are eaten raw in salads or cooked in a variety of ways. Looking for some cooking ideas? Stop by the information booth this weekend and pick up a card with a few greens recipes. We've a few recipes for root vegetables as well.