Friday, November 17, 2006

Grapevine November 19 2006 Market

this week
- What's Coming to the Market this week?
- Robert Reynolds Cooking Demo this Sunday
-Hillsdale Holiday Market Dec 3
- Cooking ideas - Asparagus Chicory Salad

What's Coming to the Market this Week?

Apples, pears, hazelnuts, walnuts and chestnuts will be in good supply for your holiday meal. Brassicas including broccoli, cauliflower, romanesco and brussel sprouts will be plentiful this weekend. Greens such as chard, kale, spinach, arugula, mustard greens and lettuce will be in good supply too. There will be plenty of root vegetables (beets, carrots, celeriac, potatoes, onions, turnips) and winter squashes to choose from too. Check the availability list for details.

Two familiar vendors return to the Hillsdale Farmers' Market this week. Dave's Killer Bread returns with their great selection of whole grain breads. Pine Mountain Ranch returns with a great selection of bison, elk and yak cuts.

Cherry Country
Cuisine Mentor
Finales Desserts
Freddy Guy Filberts
Vibrant Flavors

Linda Brand Crab back December 3
Square Peg Farm back December 3

There are a lot of items available at the market this week. To help you with your market shopping, here's a downloadable shopping list in PDF format.

Chef Demo - Robert Reynolds at the Market this weekend

Chef Robert Reynolds will conduct a chef's demo at 11am this. He will share a few vegetable recipes from his latest book, An Excuse To Be Together, just in time for your Thanksgiving dinner. Robert will be opening the Chef's Studio in SE Portland in January 2007 where he will be offering 8 week courses of study. You can learn more about Robert and his Kitchen Studio here.

Hillsdale Holiday Market December 3

The fifth Hillsdale Holiday Market takes place on Sunday December 3rd, 10AM-2PM. We open up the market to artisan craft vendors for this Holiday event. Local school groups including the Ainsworth Elementary Choir, Markham Elementary Marimbas, Panache (Robert Gray Middle School vocal group), Rieke Elementary Band, Wilson High Band and the Wilson High Choir will perform throughout the day.

The festivities will take place at the market's location in the Wilson-Rieke parking lot and the former Estby gas station, 6361 SW Capitol Hwy in Hillsdale. The Hillsdale Alliance will be holding a book sale Sunday December 3, 2006 10am-3pm and the Hillsdale Business and Professional Association will hold its annual Chili Feed fundraiser for local school music programs. (Hillsdale Alliance volunteers will be at the market this Sunday to collect used books for the sale.)

Cooking Ideas - Asparagus Chicory Salad

One of the first cookbooks I purchased in college was Jane Grigson's Vegetable Book. I don't know why this book was sitting on the remainder table for 99 cents in the University Bookstore but I was happy to find it. The book is filled with descriptions of all kinds of vegetables I had never seen in a grocery or market. Ayers Creek Farm is bringing to market one of those hard to find vegetables, asparagus chicory. This chicory has a mass of shoots that look like, well, fat asparagus shoots. Having a slight bitterness and a nice crunch, a simple, light salad can be made with this chicory. Simply slice the shoots thinly, place in ice water for at least 15 minutes to allow the slices to curl, then drain. There are a few ways to dress the chicory. Anthony and Carol suggest a lemon, anchovy and olive oil dressing. (Jane Grigson writes of a relative in Rome who made Caesar salad with asparagus chicory, which is more or less the same dressing.) Another option is a simple vinaigrette with feta and olives. Either way, you've got a quick easy salad. Enjoy!