Thursday, September 21, 2006

Grapevine September 24 Market

this week
--What's coming to the Market this week?
--What To Do About Spinach?
--Steak with Kale and Garlic

What's coming to the Market this week?

As I write this newsletter it's raining and 60 degrees outside. By Sunday it should be 80 degrees and sunny. Fall weather, if nothing else, is interesting. Berries will be available but in shorter supply. this week. Fall fruit - grapes, apples and pears will be in good supply. Melons and peaches will be readily available too. As for vegetables, corn, cucumbers and pole beans will be readily available. Peppers, both sweet and hot, will be available. Greens like spinach, arugula, lettuce, kale and chard will be plentiful too. Summer squashes and winter squashes will be readily available too. Check the availability list for a complete lineup.

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What To Do About Spinach?

Spinach has been in the news for the past few weeks as the Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) tracks down the cause of E. coli O157:H7 contamination of packaged spinach. All packaged spinach has been removed from store shelves across the country. The likely source of the contamination appears to be one or more processing plants in California. The subsequent illnesses (and one death) attributable to the E. coli contamination has created a lot of fear and concern. In conversation with the Beaverton Farmer's Market manager, Jim Sellers of the Oregon Health Division stated that there is no reason for shoppers in our farmers
markets to be concerned about our locally raised spinach. Dr. David Acheson, chief medical officer of the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition at the FDA stated in a NY Times article (registration required) written by Marian Burros, that there is less risk in eating locally grown spinach. Buying locally grown spinach is still safe. Buy some spinach from your favorite farmer and enjoy your favorite recipe.

Steak with Kale and Garlic

Once school and all the other activities related to school start in September, the amount of time available for meal preparation shrinks. I came across an easy recipe while reading The Food Section website. Since kale, particularly lacinato kale, is the favored green in our house, I substituted kale for arugula and added garlic. Either recipe will give you a healthy meal in less than 30 minutes. Enjoy!

Steak with Kale and Garlic

1 1/2 pounds lean sirloin, cut into 2-inch long strips about 1/4-inch thick
salt and pepper
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/2 bunch lacinato kale
3 cloves garlic

Wash kale thoroughly, remove stems, rip kale leaves into two inch long strips and set aside. Slice garlic cloves thin. Heat oil over medium high heat in a large skillet. Sprinkle salt and pepper on steak and add slices to pan. Saute meat for about a minute then add garlic and kale. Cook for another five minutes or until steak is brown on all sides then serve.