Thursday, February 05, 2009

Grapevine February 8 2009 Market

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- What's Coming To The Market This Week?
- Blogging for Food
- Cooking Ideas - Incapriata di Fave
- Events In And Around Hillsdale This Week

It looks like the weather cycle is nice weather until market weekend. That's a good thing though. Farmers can harvest a lot more produce when the fields are dry. Who cares if we get a little wet on Sunday if there is a lot of good food to choose from?

Kookoolan Farms is off until March 22nd. Chickens like more light than we have in January and egg production has slowed down. Chrissie and Koorosh haven't though. They are holding cheesemaking and other classes at the farm. (Visit their website for more information.) Jacobs Creamery is back this week. And yes, Llama Mama will be at the market. Their name was accidently erased from the list last time.

See you on Sunday!

Eamon Molloy
Market Manager

What's Coming To The Market This Week?

You will find many greens this week including arugula, escarole, mache, collards, kale and spinach. Salad mixes and braising mixes should be readily available as well. Winter squashes, beets, carrots, celeriac, leeks, parsnips, potatoes, radishes, hamburg parsley and turnips should be plentiful this weekend as well. As for fruit, apples, kiwi and pears will be available this week.

Check the availability list for the complete list of who's coming this weekend and what they expect to be selling.

Jacobs Creamery

Honeyhill Nursery (back in February)
Boyco Foods (back February 22)
Kookoolan Farms (back March 22)

Blog for Food - Make A Difference

As many of you are already aware, unemployment in Oregon is at 10% and rising. The recession has placed a major strain on the resources of the Oregon Food Bank and other relief agencies.

Local market maven Kathleen Bauer and cheese expert Tami Parr are spearheading Blog for Food month. Over 30 bloggers are participating in the campaign.

There are several ways you can participate. Clicking on the Blog for Food logo on the right will bring you to the Oregon Food Bank's website. If you would rather donate canned goods, Sarah Pederson from Saraveza has generously offered her place as a food drop off site for the campaign. Just bring the canned goods to Saraveza (1004 N. Killingsworth, Portland 503-206-4252). Finally, you can just mail a check directly to the Oregon Food Bank at PO Box 55370, Portland, OR 97238. Be sure to mention the campaign when you donate.

Cooking Ideas - Incapriata di Fave

I been thinking about a bean recipe for this week's newsletter. There are many options and I was having trouble making up my mind. Rather than ponder the options, I just asked the market's bean grower, Anthony Boutard of Ayers Creek Farm for a recipe. Anthony generously provided this recipe. He notes that this recipe, adapted from one found on Astray Recipes, is most often accompanied by wild chicory, but any fresh winter greens will be delicious. He also substituted celeriac for the more traditional celery because it makes a creamier soup. Enjoy!

Incapriate di Fave (printable recipe here)
8 oz. dried fava beans, soaked for 12 hours
1 medium celeriac, peeled and chopped
1 medium onion, chopped
2 tsp. salt
2 Tbsp. fruity olive oil, or more
12 oz. winter greens, cleaned and chopped
1/3 cup water
1 Tbsp. salt
3 Tbsp. fruity olive oil
2 garlic cloves, minced

Drain the beans & slip them out of their skins. If the skins cling too tightly, boil them for 5 to 10 minutes and then skin. Put peeled beans in a pot with celeriac and onion. Add just enough water to cover and bring to a simmer. Add the 2 teaspoons salt, cover and cook for 20 to 25 minutes or until the beans are very soft, adding more water if necessary. Drain and mash by hand, or in a processor, with the 2 Tablespoons olive oil.

Bring the water to a boil, add the greens and 1 Tablespoon of salt, cover & cook until the greens are soft but not mushy, 5 minutes. Drain. Warm the 3 Tablespoons olive oil in a skillet and slowly sauté the garlic just until it is golden and soft. Do not let it brown. Add the greens and swirl them around in the oil. Serve on a platter, spooning the garlic infused greens over the favas.

Yield: 4 servings

Events Around Hillsdale This Week

There are two events happening this week in and near Hillsdale.

The Multnomah Arts Center is holding a benefit auction this Saturday, February 7 at 6 pm at the center in Multnomah Village. Tickets can be purchased online or in person. Visit the Center's website or call 503-823-ARTS for more information.

Sunday February 8 is "We Love Chocolate" Day at Food Front. The event will be held at the Hillsdale store and the NW Thurman St. store. I can't think of a better way to finish a market visit than with a bite of chocolate.