Thursday, June 19, 2008

Grapevine June 22 2008 Market

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- What's Coming To The Market This Week?
- Cooking Ideas - Chilled Cherry Soup

It took a long time but spring is finally here. Just in time for summer too. Cherries and Hood strawberries are in season and you'll find plenty of both at the market this weekend. More farms are returning to the market with the warmer weather. Liepold Farms came last week and Baird Family Orchards returns to Hillsdale this week. Ayers Creek Farm will be returning next week.

The Wilson Pool is now open for the summer. If you drive to the market, keep an eye out for small children in the parking lot. Despite the best efforts of their parents, excitement gets the best of some kids. Slow and easy through the lot is the safest way to go.

See you on Sunday!

Eamon Molloy
Market Manager

What's Coming To The Market This Week?

There will be plenty of strawberries this week. A few raspberries may trickle in but it's unlikely. Cherries started coming in last week. There will be a lot more this week. Asparagus will be available but in smaller quantities as the season winds down. Lettuces, chard, scallions, green garlic and rhubarb will be good supply. Sweet onions, basil, cilantro and dill will be readily available as well.

Check the availability list for the complete list of who's coming this weekend and what they expect to be selling.

Baird Family Orchards
Gala Springs (*NEW*)

Ayers Creek Farm (back next week)
Little Pots and Pans (back next week)
Salubrious (back next week)

Cooking Ideas - Chilled Cherry Soup

I was dubious the first time I was served cherry soup. All doubt disappeared after the first spoonful. The cherries and sour cream work really well together. There are many variations on this dish and many call for sour cherries but why wait for the sour cherries? Enjoy!

Chilled Cherry Soup

3 cups cold water
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon finely grated lemon zest
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1 1/4 pounds fresh cherries, pitted
2 tablespoons cornstarch
3 tablespoons sour cream
1 1/2 tablespoons heavy cream

Combine 3 cups water, sugar, zest, and cinnamon in a 3 quart heavy saucepan. Bring to a boil and boil for 2 minutes until sugar is dissolved. Add cherries, bring back to a boil, and boil for 2 minutes. Whisk cornstarch together with 2 tablespoons cold water in a small bowl, then whisk into boiling cherry mixture. Lower heat to a simmer and whisk until slightly thickened, about 2 minutes. Remove from heat and cool soup completely, uncovered. When cooled, refrigerate covered for at least 2 hours. Just before serving, whisk together sour cream and heavy cream in a small bowl. Ladle soup into four bowls and drizzle with cream mixture.